MyAir valve

MyAir exhaust air valves are a crucial part of MyAir intelligent ventilation system. They measure the indoor atmosphere and control pressure differences throughout the entire building block.

Duct sizes

Ø 100-125 mm

Installation method

Surface mounting


AA battery or power supply 7-15 VDC

Demand controlled ventilation


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MyAir exhaust air valves are a crucial part of MyAir smart ventilation system.

The valves are equipped with sensors that measure from the air:

  • pressure difference across the valve (Pa)
  • valve air volumes (l/s)
  • room air temperature (°C)
  • room air humidity (RH %)
  • absolute humidity (g H2O/ kg ki)

Demand-controlled ventilation

The operation of the MyAir ventilation system is based on intelligent exhaust air valves. MyAir offers residential apartment buildings intelligent and demand-controlled ventilation by automatically adjusting the ventilation according to the rhythm of living. The system uses wireless data transmission. The measurement data is collected in a cloud service, from where it is available using the user interface.



  • Wireless data transfer
  • Two models: battery operated and power supply (7-15 VDC)
  • Reliable, precise and automatic adjustment
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Duct sizes 100 and 125 mm
  • ‘Meets the conditions set for a smoke damber

Battery or power supply

There are two versions of the MyAir valves, a battery-operated version, and an electric supply version. Depending on the site’s requirements and preferences, either can be chosen for the property. Both versions of the MyAir valve are suitable for all exhaust ventilation systems. Data transmission for both electric supply valves and battery-operated valves is wireless and uses the LoRaWAN radio network.

Power supply version for large sites

The electric supply version has been found to be especially useful in large sites where several smart valves are in use and you want to avoid changing batteries.

7-15 VDC voltage runs through electrically operated MyAir valves. There are several transformers on the market for this.

The battery-operated valve does not require cabling

When installing the MyAir system, cabling is avoided if battery-operated MyAir valves are used. The batteries are remarkably long-lasting, and the MyAir system shows their remaining charge.

Quick quide


With battery


With power supply



Not intended for adjusting.



MyAir valve tehcnical data

Prosessor and memory ARM Cortex-M4, 256k FLASH, 64k RAM
Radio transmission    LoRa
Radio frequency     Lora (868)
Radio  max. power   14dBm
Power source     4xAA Cell 1,5V
Power use     Min. 15 uA
Max 200 mA
IP-class     44

MyAir measurements

Temperature, area 0 to +60 °C
Temperature, resolution     0,1 C
Temperature, accuracy     ±0.5°C, 15 to +40 °C

Humidity, area     0 to 100% rH
Humidity, resolution     0,1 % rH
Humidity, accuracy  ±3.5% rH, 20 to 80% rH; ±5% rH, 0 to 100% rH

Static pressure, area     260-1260 hPa
Static pressure, resolution     0,1 hPa
Pressure difference , area     -50 to +1000 Pa
Pressure difference, resolution     0,1 Pa

Central unit

The central unit controls MyAir valves based on the collected data. It is ideally placed centrally to the valves, into a room with no public access.

Technical data

Processor and memory     ARM9 32-bit, 400 MHz, 16K Data Cache, 16K Guide Cache, 128×16 DDR RAM, 256MB Flash-memory
Radio     Mobile, LoRA
Radio frequency    4G (800/1200/2600), 3G (850/900/2100),2G (900/1800); LoRa (915/868)
Radio transmission max. power     27dBm@ 868 MHz, / 20dBm@ 915 MHz
Power source     5VDC at 1,7A
Power consumption    
IP class   21
Additives     RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100, uSIM, Power


Usage temperature     -10 – +60C
Storage temperature     -40 – +85C
Relative humidity     20% to 90%, non-condensate