MistMaster® hood

MistMaster hood is designed for safe indoor use with open flames and charcoal appliances. Ultra fine cold water mist of MistMaster hood suppress flames and sparks, separates soot, and considerably lowers the temperature.

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The new MistMaster hood with cold water mist function for a safe professional kitchen

MistMaster hood is ideal for kitchens with charcoal grills, open fires, gas grills and other appliances that pose a potential fire hazard and risk to the ductwork. These popular appliances are demanding from a ventilation point of view. Open fire and charcoal grills produce significant amounts of heat, sparks and ash that need to be handled properly – MistMaster is just the right choice for this use.

Multiple modules can be seamlessly integrated

MistMaster hood can be seamlessly combined with other hood products in our collection, such as CleanMaster, StandardPlus and Standard hoods.

Stylish and durable choice

  • Fine and evenly distributed water mist
  • Low water consumption
  • Water pressure adjustment as standard
  • Automation compatible
  • CFD simulated airflow
  • Silent ventilation


The MistMaster hood includes water pressure control, a magnetic 24 volt safety voltega valve and a separate control unit. An air cleaning system that is just right for the kitchen can be tailored to it by combining our equipment with different cleaning technologies.

Remarkable advantages

  • Safe plumbing fixture, with 24 V supply voltage
  • Separate control unit
  • Modbus compatible
  • OptiLumo – luminaires for professional kitchen conditions
  • Compatible with Climecon’s ControlMaster control system
  • High IP65 rating
  • Easy service and maintenance




Fire extinguishing system FG Master as a standard feature

FG Master is an aerosol-based extinguishing system especially for putting out class F grease fires. The feature comes as a standard in Climecon CleanMaster and MistMaster hoods.

The high extinguishing efficiency is combined with reliability in maintenance-free extinguishing cartridges. The extinguishing substance will not corrode surfaces and is suitable for kitchen staff.

Quick guide

Quick guide for exhaust air

Quick guide for supply and capture air


The height of the hood represented in the quick guide is h=560.  When using other models, the airflow should be measured:

  • Hood h=400, airflow x 0,95
  • Hood h=300, airflow x 0,70

Please check the spesific airflows with Hood.X -selection tool.


Selection diagrams

The diagrams are not to be used for making adjustments.

Pressure loss and noise data for exhaust air


Safety has been one of the top priorioties when designing Climecon hoods. 

The water aerosol also has an excellent ability to bind ash and suppress sparks. The fine water mist forms an almost impermeable barrier to small particles in the chamber.




1500 44,8
2000 59,8
2500 74,7
3000 89,7