TUISKU louvres

We offer a wide range of high-quality outdoor louvres. Our extensive selection covers the needs of all types of projects and more. TUISKU rain and snow cover is the best alternative for achieving a finished end result.

Well-maintained facade

By utilizing the various installation options of the TUISKU snow and rain cover, the direction of the grilles, and the different colors, a finished and well-functioning whole can be obtained for the facade of a building.

Very high water separation rate

Our products have been carefully developed and thoroughly tested. The water separation capacity of TUISKU is in the best A-class in the entire operating range.

Weatherproof coating

The coating meets the high C4 climate resistance class and retains its color without crackling for several decades, despite climatic conditions or solar radiation.

The products have been developed to meet even the most demanding weather conditions in the Northern latitudes.

TUISKU-AK mounting frame for multi-part installation

The mounting frame simplifies and speeds up the installation of multi-part TUISKU entites.

All of our TUISKU models suit 4- (2 × 2), 6- (2 × 3), 8- (2 × 4),  and 9-piece (3 × 3) mounting frames.

The dimensions of the TUISKU-AK mounting frame can be adjusted on site. This makes it easy and reliable to fit the mounting frame to the structures.

Easy maintenance with TUISKU-O

TUISKU-O is a snow and rain cover with a maintenance door that is especially useful for multi-piece TUISKU installations. The door is situated in the lower-left corner of TUISKU’s.

Read more about TUISKU-O

TUISKU-AF louver with heating

Ice and frost increase pressure loss and add burden onto the wall structure. All our snow and rain covers are available with a self-regulated heating cable to prevent frost and ice from building up onto the surface.

Get to know TUISKU-AF

TUISKU-IS snow and rain cover with removable grille

With the help of the removable grille of the snow cover, it is easy to get behind the TUISKU  for maintenance, for example. TUISKU-IS has also been developed to facilitate the installation of TUISKUs.

Get to know TUISKU-IS

Design the right TUISKU for your project

Select and dimension the right kinds of TUISKU’s with our selection tool.

design with Tuisku.X

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