Tyrvää Parsonage is a historical event venue that offers beautiful surroundings for various cultural events.

The contractor wished to attain as invisible ventilation as possible in the salons of the Parsonage.  For this Climecon’s FINO supply air diffuser offered a perfect solution due to its clear, low design that enables it to fade into the wall surface. The simple yet stylish appearance of FINO also fits traditional and festive interior design.

Also, easy-to-install OLE supply air diffusers were chosen for the salons of the Parsonage. Excellent air and sound properties combined with elegant design make OLE blend in with the fancy rooms of the venue.

Climecon’s products combine quality and style.

 -HVAC designer Janne Räsänen

For the professional kitchen the contractor was especially looking for an energy efficient ventilation solution. Climecon’s CleanMaster® technology saves energy by enabling heat recovery ventilation in the kitchen, so energy efficient CleanMaster® hoods were an obvious choice. Janne Räsänen, the HVAC designer of the venue has already received positive feedback on the solution: “The client has given feedback that the kitchen functions very well!”

Räsänen himself tells that he has been co-operating with Climecon for years. “I ended up choosing Climecon’s products because they combine both quality and style”, he sums up.


HVAC designer

Janne Räsänen, Suunnittelu Räsänen