Fiskari31 is a townhouse that was built in 2018. The decoration of the Scandinavian style apartment is modern and detailed.

The contractor of Fiskari31, Anna Kuusi, wanted to build herself a stylish yet practical home filled with carefully designed details. The details included ventilation that needed to match the apartment’s style. The range of products was hand-picked out of Climecon’s selection leading to an astonishing result. Climecon was an obvious choice for the ventilation product brand since both the HVAC designer and the interior designer of the townhouse had Climecon’s products in mind right from the start. The interior designer, Teemu Saukkonen, also pointed out that the looks of Climecon’s supply air valves match the modern, smart style of the house.

Color selection played an important role when choosing the products. To obtain the desired look, it was crucial to find the right colors to go with the interior and surfaces of the apartment. Luckily Climecon’s products come in many different colors. Finally, harmony was found by combining white, black and silver-grey supply air valves.

“The grey RINOs stand out beautifully against the warm grey ceiling.”

-Contractor Anna Kuusi

Anna Kuusi explains that in some rooms the aim was to highlight the supply air valves as part of the decor. “In the sauna, vestibule and kitchen we ended up bringing forth the valves by choosing valves of contrasting colors to the background”, Kuusi describes. The light ceiling of the kitchen was embellished with a black RINO supply air diffuser, that stands out for its unique design and outstanding technical featuresVIP-S and RINO-S are specially made for saunas and  they were chosen in silver-grey color to create contrast in the wooden sauna area. Meanwhile, a stylish grey FINO completes the look of the vestibule perfectly.

In other parts of the apartment the valves were faded into surfaces. The aim was still not to make the valves vanish into the backgrounds – rather vice versa. “For example the grey RINOs stand out beautifully against the warm grey ceiling, Kuusi describes. The black wooden wall of the apartment was complemented with a black CLIK, which is the most functional and stylish supply air diffuser on the markets“Overall we are very satisfied with the results”, Kuusi sums up the successful project.


Anna Kuusi

Interior designer

Teemu Saukkonen

HVAC designer

Vesa Kolehmainen