PINODq exhaust air valve

The stylish PINODq exhaust air valve provides exceptional design in a uniquely small package. The devices fit both new construction and renovations sites, completing the interior design of the site.

Air flow range

5-50 dm³/s, 18-180 m³/h

Duct sizes

Ø 100-160 mm


For wall installation

Color options

RAL 9016 white (matte), RAL 9005 black (matte)

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PINO is one of the smallest technically feasible exhaust air valves that can be installed in a visible location. The device was made to add to our series of TINO supply air valves, which can be used in combination with PINO’s, but PINO can be combined with any other supply air valve as well.

The exhaust air valves are available in convex design (PINODq) or concave design (PINOCq).

Reliable measurement combined with quick and precise adjustment are prominent features of the PINO series. The device fits both new construction and renovations sites.

The stylish exhaust air valve can now be used as an addition to the interior design.

PINODq-100 and PINODq-125 function as smoke restrainers.


  • Low sound level, easy to clean
  • Available in convex (PINODq) or concave (PINOCq) design
  • Reliable measurement and quick, accurate adjustment
  • Found in MagiCAD design software

Quick guide


Main dimensions

Selection diagram

Graphs are not intended for adjustment.




Sound attenuation

Sound level will increase if cover distance is below 3x Ød:

  • after bend max  +2 dB (A)
  • after T joint  +8 dB (A)


Airborne sound insulation

Sound attenuation for air ducts  between rooms Dn,e,wdB

Exhaust air

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