Imperial College London White City Campus offers unique possibilities to innovation and research.

The campus consists of research areas and labs providing unique facilities for innovation and research. The open plan space design for the facility required a novel approach to the air conditioning system with many of the laboratory services on show in the ceiling.

Our ROL and ROX nozzle ducts were chosen to meet the high demands regarding the airflow in the laboratories. One of the main challenges was that the facility needed exceptionally large air supply volumes, while keeping the air movement velocities to the absolute minimum. ”The laboratory has an unusually high density of fume cupboards, which in turn have high extract flow rates. Correspondingly the supply make up air demand to ‘feed’ the extract via the fume cupboards is also very high”. Terry Hobday of MAP explained.

On some areas any air velocity recorded over 0,3 m/sec would cause the cupboard to go into alarm and shut down. For this purpose, Climecon’s ROL nozzle duct was a perfect choice: ROL is designed particularly for rooms requiring large air volumes to be distributed evenly and without draft.

”All in all a very successful project for those parties concerned”

-Terry Hobday, MAP

Unique environments require unique solutions. This time a special ROL/ROX nozzle duct combination were tailored to meet the needs of the customer. The special products also went through a careful testing process. The actual room air movement velocities were demonstrated in a full mock test at VTT, an sovereign testing facility. ”The tests which included not only a mock of the room, but the fume cupboards as well, were instrumental in the development of the special ROL/ROX nozzle arrangement”, Terry Hobday describes the development process.

Imperial College London acknowledges that the tailor-made ROL/ROX units were delivered on a floor by floor basis using just in time method which enabled the contractor to complete the installation on schedule and within budget. ”All in all a very successful project for those parties concerned”, Terry Hobday sums up the excellent outcome of the project.


Terry Hobday, MAP


Michael J, Lonsdale Ltd