An old office building Auratalo, completed in 1962, in Helsinki city, became a modern city hotel of the Cumulus chain, Cumulus Meilahti in 2016.

The air diffusers were supposed to be the best possible what comes to excellent air and sound properties but they also had to look good. The streamlined RINO and LINO-W supply air diffusers blends into the rooms and corridors at Cumulus Meilahti. The short throw pattern of LINO-W was a good solution for the challenges set by the ceiling construction. For the hotel’s public spaces and lounge, in turn, it had to find a stylish air diffuser that would also be suitable for larger air quantities. TOF turned out to be an excellent choice.

RAM slot air diffuser was chosen for the restaurant hall of Cumulus Bistro, the restaurant at the hotel. As a solution, RAM was absolutely the best choice as it could be installed in the ceiling. Climecon’s hoods were also chosen for the kitchen spaces of the Bistro.

Flexible and adjustable NOP supply air diffusers were chosen for the hotel’s gym. Especially the throw pattern and easy adjustment were important for the HVAC designer. The premises of S-market Tullinpuomi, a grocery store in the hotel basement, are partly forced-air heated. Flexibility and adjustability were a must there as well. RUX supply air devices were an obvious choice as they adapt to changes in the spaces due to an optimized and adaptable throw pattern.

”I always want to design with high-quality products”

–The HVAC designer of Cumulus Meilahti, Jörgen Holm

The HVAC designer of Cumulus Meilahti talks on behalf of the Climecon products. According to the HVAC designer, there are good previous experiences of similar construction sites, which made it easy to make the choices. “Climecon products are of high-quality and the quality price ratio is excellent. Furthermore, it is a pleasure to do business with Climecon and the support is great as well as the selection tools are practical”, as the HVAC designer puts it.

HVAC designer

Jörgen Holm