A spectacular landmark in the city centre of Helsinki, Allas Sea Pool main building opened in May 2017.

ROX nozzle ducts that represent Finnish design were chosen for the premises of Allas Café. There were high requirements for the air diffusers: ”An adaptable and functional solution what comes to air distribution was needed and it should even be suitable for the environment”, the HVAC designer Matias Meskanen (LVI Meskanen Oy) points out. In addition to the adaptability, the product should be suitable for free installation as well as for large amounts of air. ”ROX fullfilled all these requirements”, Meskanen notes. Even the contractor, Lehto Group, and the HVAC designer valued the advantages of the adaptability of ROX in case of layout changes in the premises.

ROX nozzle duct stands out thanks to its smooth and inconspicuous nozzles. ROX is available with black nozzles as standard and therefore the nozzles do not have to be painted separately. The nozzle duct retains its stylish appearance over the years and the package is easy to keep clean.

At Climecon, when we promise, we deliver.

Antti Perämäki, the representative of the contractor Lehto Group, was also very satisfied with the reliability of delivery as well as with Climecon’s ability to react quickly.

“In addition to the great customer service and high-quality products, Climecon was chosen as it could live up to the agreed timetable as well as due to its flexibility in manufacturing”

–Antti Perämäki, the representative of the contractor, Lehto Group

The technology in the kitchen at the Allas Café is top-notch, which set high requirements even for the ventilation solutions. According to the HVAC designer, Matias Meskanen, the high requirements and a tight schedule challenged the choice of the hoods. ”Climecon’s StandardPlus hoods met this challenge excellently”, Meskanen states.


HVAC designer 

Matias Meskanen, LVI Meskanen Oy


Lehto Group, Antti Perämäki