TUISKU-O louvres with a door

TUISKU-O is a louvre with a door that enables entrance into the chamber during installation and maintenance.  The biggest value of TUISKU-O is achieved when used in contact with multi-piece TUISKU installations, but it is also available for singular TUISKU installations. The door is available for both horizontally and vertically vaned louvres.


Galvanized steel + painting, Marine aluminium + painting, Stainless steel + painting, Acid resistant steel + painting, Corten steel, Copper, Brass

Direction of vanes

Horizontal vanes, Vertical vanes


Flush mount, Surface installation

Surface treatment

Corrosivity category C4

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TUISKU-O, louvre with a door allows access to the chamber, eg during installation or maintenance work. The greatest benefit is achieved in multi-part TUISKU installations, but can also be used in a singular TUISKU. The door is available for both vertically and horizontally vaned TUISKU models.

The size of the door opening is 590 x 800 mm and it is locked with a screw lock. It is situated on the lower left of the front of the louvre and it opens to the left.

The door is suitable for both vertical and horizontal TUISKU models, for sized bigger than 1000×1000 mm.

Product code


TUISKU VU 1000×1000 ZnFe MA RR-40 KLV 800×800 AK 6 O AF
1 2   3   4   5   6   7 8 9 10 11 12



1 = Product
2 = PS = Vertical vanes, side vanes, surface-mounted
P = Vertical vanes, no side vanes, surface-mounted
V = Horisontal vanes, no side vanes, surface-mounted
VS = Horisontal vanes, side vanes, surface-mounted
PU = Vertical vanes, Flush mounted
VU = Horisontal vanes, Flush mounted
3 = Size(L x H) mm
4 =Material
ZnFe galvanized steel
AlMg marine aluminium
RFe  stainless steel
HFe  acid proof steel
Cu  copper
CuZn mesh
CO Corten
5 = Painting
6 = Color, RR or RAL color chart
7 = Rear connection, Note! only flush mount models
8 = Rear connection size (A x B) mm, Designer decides
9 = Mounting frame
10 = Number of modules in the mounting One modul size at 2000x2000mm min.
11= Louvre with a door
12= AntiFrost, Prohibits frost and ice from building-up on the surface of the louvre


For performance, see data on the basic TUISKU models’ product pages, on Dimensioning or go to Tuisku.X selection tool.








Take into consideration while dimensioning

  • TUISKU-O is always used at the bottom left corner of a multi-piece TUISKU installation.
  • TUISKU-O has an excellent water separation rate as all TUISKU louvres.
  • TUISKU-O is available with heating that does not include the door.

The size of the surface-mounted TUISKU must be at least 100 mm larger on all sides of the opening.

TUISKU louvres prevent snow and water from entering the ductwork. TUISKUs are tested by VTT. The recommended air flow velocity is 0.7 m / s.

In TUISKU the P and V models, the air intake takes is handled from the front surface of the grille. In TUISKU PS and VS models, air intake takes place from the front and sides of the grille. We recommend dewatering the pressure balancing chamber and defrosting.

TUISKU-O is always installed in the lower left corner of the multi-part TUISKU assembly. TUISKU-O has a high water separation rate, as do all TUISKU louvres. TUISKU-O is available with defrosting excluding the door area.


The door is available for all TUISKU louvers exceeding 1000×1000 mm in dimensions. It is available for horizontally as well as vertically vaned TUISKU’s for both surface and flush mounting.



Dimensions of flush-mounted TUISKU louvers





Dimensions of surface mounted TUISKU models


  • Galvanized steel (ZnFe)
  • Painted (Ma)
  • Stainless (RFe)
  • Acid resistant (HFe)
  • Sheet copper (Cu)