TUISKU multi-piece for flush mounting

TUISKU louvers are designed to prevent snow and water from entering intake air vents. We offer a wide range of devices for single and multi piece installations.

Installation method

Flush mounting

Surface treatment

Corrosivity category C4

Direction of vanes

Horizontal vanes, Vertical vanes


Galvanized steel + painting, Marine aluminium + painting, Stainless steel + painting, Acid resistant steel + painting, Corten steel, Copper, Brass


When several separate ducts in a ventilation system are brought behind one multi-part TUISKU louver installation, a multi-part installation achieves a cohesive and stylish whole.

By utilizing several installation options, the direction of the slats and the different colors of the high-quality TUISKU louvers, a finished  whole is obtained.

The surface treatment of Climecon’s TUISKU snow shields meets the C4 climate stress class, which is very resistant to harsh climatic conditions.

Individually dimensioned (on top of standard sizes) are possible. Please ensure dimensioning from Climecon’s technical advice.

The very high water separation capacity of high-quality grilles protects the building and the ductwork from snow and rain.

Easy and fast installation from the front

The multi-part TUISKU flush-mounted louvers with vertical vanes can now be attached completely from the front, which makes it easier to create a clean installation, removes the cumbersome installation work from the side of the chamber and saves installation time by up to 50%. The renewed, front-attached structure is standard in TUISKU-PU snow and rain covers intended for multi-part installation.

Product code


TUISKU VU 1000×1000 ZnFe MA RR-40 KLV 800×800 AK 6 O AF
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12



1 = Product
2 = PS = Vertical vanes, side vanes, surface-mounted
P = Vertical vanes, no side vanes, surface-mounted
V = Horisontal vanes, no side vanes, surface-mounted
VS = Horisontal vanes, side vanes, surface-mounted
PU = Vertical vanes, Flush mounted
VU = Horisontal vanes, Flush mounted
3 = Size(L x H) mm
4 =Material
ZnFe galvanized steel
AlMg marine aluminium
RFe stainless steel
HFe acidproof steel
Cu copper
CuZn mesh
CO Corten-steel
5 = Painting
6 = Color, RR or RAL color chart
7 = Rear connection, Note! only flush mount models
8 = Rear connection size (A x B) mm, Designer decides
9 = Mounting frame
10 = Number of modules in the mounting One modul size at 2000x2000mm min.
11= Louvre with a door
12= AntiFrost, Prohibits frost and ice from building-up on the surface of the louvre

Class C4 coating

Environmental conditions have a significant impact on paint-coated steel. The paint coating is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, which gradually changes the chemical structure of the paint. This is reflected in the fading of the gloss and the fading of the color, as well as the deterioration of the corrosion protection over time. In addition, moisture, heat, air pollution and other compounds put a strain on the paint coating.

All painted CLIMECON outdoor products are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the north from year to year and without changing the properties.

High water separation rate

According to Eurofins (VTT:s) test TUISKU louvers’ water separation rate is really high with air velocity up to 2 m/s. The louvre keeps snow and rain water out of from the ducts and is compliant with the standard EN 13030:2001.


Air flow rate



qv v qr qd qro qdo E Class
m3/s m/s l/h l/h (l/h)/m2 (l/h)/m2 %
0.00 0.00 48.00 0.000 75.00 0.000 100.00 A
0.64 1.00 48.00 0.000 75.00 0.000 100.00 A
1.28 2.00 48.00 0.000 75.00 0.000 100.00 A


qv Air flow rate, dm³/s
v Velocity
qr  Amount of rainwater resulted in the device, l/h
qroAmount of rainwater resulted in the device, l/h
qd Amount of rainwater that passes through the device, (l/h)/m2
qdo Amount of rainwater that passes through the device, (l/h)/m2
E Water separation rate, %


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  • Galvanized steel (ZnFe) Standard
  • Painted (must) standard, RR or RAL color chart
  • Stainless steel (RFe)
  • Acid resistant (HFe)
  • Copper plate (Cu)
  • Marine aluminum (AlMg)
  • Brass (CuZn)
  • Corten steel (CO)