TUISKU-AK Installation frame

Multi-piece TUISKU louvers for modular installation are easily handled with TUISKU-AK mounting frame. Tuisku-AK Mounting frame suits installations of 4, 6, 8, and 9 modules. The mounting frame helps in installation of both flush and surface mounted TUISKU louvers.

Installation method

Flush mounting, Surface mounting

Surface treatment

Corrosivity category C4

Direction of vanes

Horizontal vanes, Vertical vanes


Galvanized steel + painting, Marine aluminium + painting, Stainless steel + painting, Acid resistant steel + painting, Corten steel, Copper, Brass

Downloadable materials

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TUISKU installattion frame fits for multi-pice installations of TUISKU louvers. It is available for installations of 4, 6, 8, and 9 pieces. The dimensions of the installation frame are easily adapted according to the wall opening.

Tuisku louvers larger than  2200×2000 (L x H) mm will be made out of two or more modules that will be attached. The smallest singular TUISKU is 400×400 mm in dimensions.

Individually dimensioned (non-standard) sizes are available upon request. Please contact Climecon’s technical support.

Product code

1 2


1 = Product
2 = Quantity of modules


  • Galvanized steel (ZnFe)

Take into consideration while dimensioning

The dimensions of the louvre must exceed the wall opening by 100 mm on all sides.

TUISKU louvres prohibit access of snow and rain into the ducts. TUISKU’s have been tested and approved by VTT.

The recommended surface velocity for the supply air is 0,7 m/s.

The intake of supply air is conducted from the front of the louvre in TUISKU P and V models. In TUISKU PS and VS supply air intake is conducted from the front and the sides of the louvre. We recommend drainage and heating of the air intake chamber.

When dimensioning the TUISKU-AK mounting frame we recommend contacting Climecon’s expert services at [email protected].

The suitability of the mounting frame can be assessed with a blueprint of the wall opening.

The depth of the grid is 56mm.