CCA canisters

Climecon CCA canisters can be used in various areas to remove odors and prevent corrosion by acid gases. The canisters are filled with CKP 8, CEKP 8 or CHS pellets depending on the composition of impurities in the indoor air.




  • In industrial processes (pulp and paper industry, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, etc.)
  • In sophisticated air-conditioning systems (mining, microelectronics, laboratories, computer centers, airports, archives, offices, restaurants, etc.)

The features and benefits

  • Climecon CCA canisters are characterized by excellent airflow performance and low pressure drop.
  • Dimensionally stable construction of the entire canister.
  • Compact single elements with universal three-point bayonet connection for easy handling and installation.
  • The canisters can be filled with different Climecon CCA pellets depending on the application and requirement. The thickness of each pellet layer is 26 mm.
  • Thanks to the removable lid, the canisters can be refilled and used multiple times.


Absorption medium: CKP 8, CEKP 8 or CHS pellets
Canister sheathing: Plastic, galvanized steel
Operating temperature: < 50 °C
Relative humidity: < 95 %
Contact time: > 0.1 s
Filter type:  CCA45
Length: 450 mm
Diameter (outer):  145 mm
Diameter (inner): 93 mm
Nominal volume flow rate: 162 m3/h