TUPA is a certified hybrid product that combines the intake of outside air with air exhaustion in one stylish package

The streamlined product is flush mounted in the wall, so the end result is stylish and subtle. The structure of the product prevents snow and water from entering the ducts. The water separation degree is the highest class A. In addition, TUPA’s C4 class surface treatment withstands harsh climatic conditions without corrosion.

The structure of TUPA and the high velocity of the exhaust air prevent exhaust air from mixing with intake air. According to Eurofins’ research, the share of air returning to the same apartment is 0% with nominal airflow. When the ducts for exhaust air do not have to be built, the space can be used for other purposes.

TUPA can be flush mounted into the wall

The finished and subtle product fits into a modern cityscape. Appearance is increasingly important in construction, as the diffuser is in a highly visible location on the wall of the building. TUPA has been developed based on feedback from architects to be flush mounted. It is worth investing in the color choice of the product so that it fits the overall look of the building.