A Townhouse completed in the Spring 2017 in Kalasatama, Helsinki, is surely a dreamhouse for many – it’s a small house near the seafront and close to the city services. Ventilation products for this elegant house were chosen according to their looks – not forgetting the functionality. Supply and exhaust air valves in white aluminum fit perfectly into the interior design as faded into it and as decorative elements.

The four floors of the townhouse challenge spatial design and each floor forms its own entity. The kitchen floor combines open space and varying surface materials. In this space, the wall-mounted CLIK supply air diffusers in stylish white aluminum are highlighted on the wall and they are a part of the interior design – Climecon has invested in design since a high-quality product should also look good. Therefore, a colour that fits the modern interior design as well as the surface materials and colours makes sense; white ventilation products would not have been suitable for this townhouse.

”The chosen products are the most stylish on the market.”
– Representative of the contractor

The elegant RINO sets a new standard for the appearance of ceiling diffusers. The supply air diffuser RINO-S painted black, which is specifically designed for saunas, was the best choice for the sauna in this Townhouse. The black painted RINO-S fits the black wall surface as its pair and it contrasts with the wooden ceiling. Likewise a black painted VIP-S exhaust air valve was a great choice for exhaust air in the sauna. PINODq exhaust air vent in white aluminum is faded as a part of the interior design in the kitchen ceiling and in the bathroom with minimalist and simple style.


Katja Maununaho, Huvila