Standard hood

Standard hoods are suit dining areas and kitchens for devices that produce small amounts of steam and grease particles in the air. These hoods can also be used with kitchen appliances that are in direct contact with chimneys, such as charcoal grills.

Factory-made freely dimensioned Standard hoods are a stylish and durable choice. The hood can also be equipped with an exhaust air valve designed for professional kitchens, equipped with a washable RTS filter. You can choose a high-quality OptiLumo professional kitchen luminaire for lighting.

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Standard hood for targeted removal

  • OptiLumo LED luminaires
  • Includes CRO exhaust air unit (125-315mm)
  • Equipped with washable grease filter

Standard hood is ideal for the targeted removal of gaseous, vapor and particulate airborne contaminants. In addition to professional kitchen applications, standard hoods are used in other facilities where targeted air filtration is required.

If you want to equip the Standard hood with a CRO exhaust air device and an OptiLumo light, the depth of the hood must be at least 800 mm.