RIF adjustable twist-supply diffuser

The adjustable twist-supply diffuser RIF is perfect for the ventilation, heating and cooling of high spaces. The throw pattern can be adjusted by changing the position of the blades either manually (RIF) or remotely (RIF-M). RIF suits both free mounting and ceiling mounting.

Air flow range

100-750 dm³/s, 360-2700 m³/h

Duct sizes

Ø 250-500 mm

Optiflow® product


Color options

RAL 9016 white (matte), RAL 9005 black (matte)

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Ventilation solutions in spaces that undergo changes require adjustability throughout their entire lifetime. RIF in addition to functional RIF-M1 and RIF-M2 enable optimal adjustment of throw pattern according to the purpose.

The throw pattern of RIF twist-supply diffuser can effortlessly be set as vertical, horizontal or anything in between. The product is an excellent option when it comes to maintenance because the blades are easily detachable for cleaning the device.


  • For ventilation, heating and cooling of high spaces
  • Throw pattern adjustable from horizontal to vertical
  • Suitable for both free and ceiling mounting
  • The swirling motion of the supply air enhances mixing with the indoor air

Product code

Twist-supply diffuser RIF 315 + PTR
1   2   3


1 = Model, RIF ,RIF-M1 tai RIF-M2
2 = Size, 250–500
3 = Accessory: PTR

Quick guide


RIF main dimensions

RIF-M main dimensions

PTR main dimensions

Selection diagram

The diagrams are not intended for making adjustments.

RIF-250, RIF-315, RIF-400 and RIF-500

The values are stated for both vertical (3) and horizontal (1) throw pattern. Throw patterns can be viewed on the next sub-page, Throw patterns.

Throw patterns

RIF throw pattern adjustment

Horizontal throw pattern (factory setting): 1

Vertical throw pattern : 2-3

Open the locking and twist the blade pairs overlapping each other.

NOTE! RIF-M models’ blade pair position is set automatically into a wanted position on a display.

Adjustment of RIF-M throw pattern

The device adjusts the throw patters via automation system, supply air thermostat, switch etc.

Two alternative devices:


The throw pattern of RIF-M1 is set either vertical or horizontal. This is a good solution in for example heating or cooling situations, where the throw pattern is adjusted suitable for heating or cooling. RIF-M1 fits fine for sports halls, in which the same space is used for playing badminton and other sports.


RIF-M2 throw pattern uses stepless adjustment via another device. The solution fits perfectly spaces where the throw pattern needs to be optimized for instance for preventing draft.

Throw length

Vertical throw length

(Throw pattern 3)

Horizontal throw length

(Throw pattern 1)

When mounted onto suspended ceiling, throw length increases approximately 20 %.

Mounting options