OKE supply air device

OKE is a wall-mounted supply air device for small airflows in homes, accommodation spaces and offices. A special lockable model OKE-L for prisons and closed wards. On special order, OKE is available for rectangular ducts.

Air flow range

8-75 dm³/s

Duct sizes

Ø 100-200 mm


For wall installation

Color options

RAL 9016 white (matte), RAL 9005 black (matte)



  • Reliable, accurate adjustment
  • Well suited for subtemperature air
  • Excellent air and sound properties
  • Available also for rectangular ducts

Quick Selection Guide

OKE Dimensions

Main dimensions

Selection Diagrams

The graphs are not intended for adjustment.





Sound attenuation

Sound level will increase if cover distance is below 3 x Ø d:

  • after bend  +4 dB (A)
  • after T joint  +8 dB (A)

Airborne sound insulation

Sound attenuation for air ducts between rooms Dn,e,wdB:

Supply air

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