MyAir Pressure difference sensor

With the help of a pressure difference sensor, the property’s pressure conditions can be effectively monitored all year round. Difference pressure sensors can be sold together with the MyAir system, or differential pressure measurement can be performed as such, without smart MyAir valves. The devices are built from high-quality components that guarantee an accurate measurement result.

Installation method

Surface mounted


For wall installation


Supply and exhaust air

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With the help of a pressure difference sensor, the property’s pressure conditions can be effectively monitored all year round. MyAir pressure difference sensors measure the pressure difference between indoors and outdoors. These are placed in the top and bottom floor as well as in the middle floors in over 6 stories high building.

Sensors measure:

  • pressure difference (Pa) between spaces
  • room air temperature (°C)
  • room air humidity (RH %)
  • absolute humidity (g H2O/ kg ki)

Wireless measurement

Installing wireless measuring devices is easy and effortless. The measuring devices are powered by 3 Li-Ion batteries and the device communicates the measurement data via the LoRaWAN radio network. From the MyAir-YourView user interface, the information is available to the property owner or professional, for example for examining the health of the building.

Long-term measurement data

Long-term measurement data gives a broader picture of the state of the building’s indoor climate and the general state of the pressure ratio, which indicates building health. It is easy to view individual measurement points and at the same time it is easy to follow the trend over a longer period of time, e.g. as a function of temperature change.


  • A broad picture of the property’s ventilation status and operation
  • Sufficient amount of replacement air
  • Information on the general state of the pressure ratio
  • Momentary pressure difference fluctuations and ventilation imbalance


Measures and materials

Weight: 480g
Color: RAL9032
Plastic parts: PC-ASA

Technical info

Processor and memory: ARM Cortex-M4, 256k FLASH, 64k RAM

Radio: LoRa

Radio frequency: Lora (868)

Radio transmission max.power: 14dBm

Power source: 4xAA Cell 1,5V

Power use: Min. 15 uA ; Max. 200 mA

IP-class: 44




Temperature, area: 0 – +60 °C

Temperature, resolution: 0,1 C

Temperature, accuracy: ±0.5°C, 15 – +40 °C

humidity, area: 0 – 100% rH

humidity, resolution: 0,1 % rH

humidity, accuracy:

±3.5% rH, 20 – 80% rH
±5% rH, 0 – 100% rH
±3.5% rH, 20 – 80% rH
±5% rH, 0 – 100% rH

Static pressure, area: 260–1260 hPa

Static pressure, resolution: 0,1 hPa

Pressure difference, area: -50 – +1000 Pa

Pressure difference, resolution: 0,1 Pa



Usage temperature: 0 – +40 °C

Storage temperature: -20 –  +50 °C

Relative humidity: 20% – 90%, non-condensate