MyAir control

The apartment-specific ventilation controller is intended for the MyAir system. The MyAir controller offers its users an easy way to adjust ventilation per apartment. The controller can be added to all MyAir systems and its implementation is easy.

Demand controlled ventilation


Data transfer



Rechargeable battery


The MyAir control is a completely wireless unit for controlling the ventilation of an apartment that is part of the MyAir smart ventilation system.

The controller supports the operation of the MyAir system in locations where MyAir is installed and increases the features that improve the energy efficiency of the property and ventilation.

An easy way to make ventilation energy efficient

The functions of the MyAir controller offer the user an easy way to adjust the ventilation of their apartment according to their own lifestyle. It is easy to use and install on any surface the resident wants.

  1. Away mode: The ventilation operation level can be adjusted to a lower level, for example when leaving the house, in which case the ventilation consumes less energy.
  2. Home mode: The ventilation operation level is quickly changed to the normal level when there are people in the apartment.
  3. Cooking mode: The exhaust ventilation of the kitchen can be increased when cooking, so that the cooking residue, grease and steam are removed more efficiently, improving the indoor air quality of the apartment.
  4. Boost mode: Boosts the operation of all valves in the apartment for one hour. With the help of the function, a fresh indoor climate is achieved, for example, when there are many people in the apartment.

In addition to the functions mentioned above, the MyAir system automatically takes care of “flushing” the ventilation of the apartment every two weeks, when the ventilation of the apartment is in Off mode for longer periods. The duration is 30 min by default. In this way, it is possible to make sure that the ventilation in the apartment works and that the indoor air conditions are good, even when the ventilation is running at a lower operating level.

The controller works with the MyAir system in a locally formed radio network, the operation of which is based on LoRaWAN technology.

Product information

Product MyAir Control
Size 43 mm x 57 mm x 15 mm
Battery 350 mAh
Battery life
appr. 2 years (rechargeable)
Power consumption
TX 30mA , Standby 10μA
Operating temperature
-20°C ~ 60°C
Operating environment
Indoor use


LoRaWAN network

The device works with the MyAir system in a locally formed radio network, and the controller’s maintenance status and maintenance needs can be seen in the MyAir cloud service.

LoRaWAN is a data transmission network used worldwide for wireless data transmission. The network is especially suitable for sending and receiving data collected by sensors which are common in today’s technology. Its features are considered to be the best e.g. mobility, good permeability of structures, and easy implementation.