LINE diffuser

LINE is a finished valve for supply and exhaust air in residential locations. It is available in two basic shapes, with a round or a square-shaped front plate. LINE is also easily customized according to the interior.

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Sustainable product

Carbon neutral product, EPD calculated

Duct sizes

Ø 100-125 mm

Air flow range

4-18 dm³/s, 14-65 m³/h

Color options

RAL 9016 white (matte), RAL 9005 black (matte)


LINE diffuser is a unique, modern option for high-quality ventilation in residential locations.  LINE is available with a round and a square-shaped visible deco plate. The basic graphic forms offer a range of possibilities for interior designers, architects, and ventilation designers to combine ventilation with the interior.

The LINE has a round or square-shaped visible deco part, which is available in new ventilation materials, Accoya® wood or opal glass, in addition to paint-coated steel. What’s more, a desired material can be attached as the visible part of the valve with a mounting part developed for customization.

The solid wooden visible deco parts made of Accoya® pine are light-toned. In addition, they are available untreated, allowing them to be surface treated in the way best suited for the location. Durable and responsibly produced wood is the choice of an interior designer who values ​​quality and sustainability. The LINE also comes with a stylish opal glass visible deco part, which is a stylish alternative to fresh-looking rooms.

For those who want perfection in interior design, we offer the LINEb option, to which you can attach the desired surface material suitable for the interior. Tiles or other surface materials used in the space can be used as visible parts of air terminal units by means of customizable valves.

Visible deco parts in paint coated steel are available in matte black or white – fade into wall surfaces or highlight as part of the interior. Their high-quality surface treatment leaves the products finished and the dirt-repellent coating helps to keep the products clean.

Top qualities:

  • Suitable for small airflow rates at homes, offices, and hotel rooms
  • Stylish, minimalistic design and customizable front plate
  • High mixing ratio
  • Reliable and accurate adjustment
  • Adjustment position has no significant effect on the throw length
  • Significantly low constructional height
  • Duct sizes 100 and 125 mm

Carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of the products has been calculated as part of the requirements of the EPD environmental report.

Quick selection guide

Materials and colors

LINE is available with both round and square-shaped visible parts.

  • Accoya-pine also non-treated
  • Opal-glass (white)
  • The basic models are coated steel in matte white or matte black RAL 9016 and RAL 9005.

We can also provide a custom-made visible part according to special order or deliver the device with a sole attachment part. A plate of choice can be attached to the attachment part according to our instructions.

Dimensions for round model

Dimensions for square-shaped model

Dimensioning for supply air

Not intended for adjustment.



Dimensioning for exhaust air

Not intended for adjustment.




Throw pattern and throw length


Throw-pattern 270°

Throw-pattern 180°

Throw length

270° = L0,2 x 1,5

180° = L0,2 x 2


LINEd direction part

The throw pattern of the supply air valve can be directed into 180° or 270° with separately ordered LINEd direction part. Thanks to its directable air flow, LINE can be placed in a corner of a room or close to a wall without causing a feeling of draught in the occupied zone.

Product code

LINE i s c 100 9005 black
1 2 3 4 5 6


  1. Product name
  2. Exhaust air model, empty = supply air model
  3. Form of the visible part: s = square , empty = round
  4. Material: t = Accoya-pine, c = opal-glass, empty = painted steal
  5. Duct size: 100 – 125
  6. Color: 9005 black/ empty = white. Other colors of RAL classic color chart are available for a special order, please contact our customer service [email protected]

Customization with attachment part

By special order, we only supply the mounting part for the visible part of the device. A board of any material matching the interior can be attached to this. Please follow our instructions for installation.