KIP transfer air device

KIP is a wall-mounted, non-see-through transfer air device that dampens the transmission of sounds from one room to another by using acoustic Dacron as dampening material.

Air flow range

10-80 dm³/s, 36-288 m³/h


Galvanized steel

Dampening material


Installation method

Surface mounting

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Air is transferred through the device from one room to the other by pressure difference. KIP is to be surface mounted on both sides of the wall or partition. Wall or partition thickness has no effect on installation.

KIP transfer air device can also be found in MagiCAD!


  • Wall-mounted, non-see-through transfer air device
  • Dampens the transmission of sounds from room to room, dampening material acoustic Dacron

Product code

Transfer air device KIP – 600

Size = 600, 800 or 1000 (for example KIP-600)


Main dimensions

Selection diagram

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KIP-600, KIP-800 and KIP-1000

The sound level is less than 25 dB(A), when the pressure drop  is 20 Pa.
Recommended pressure difference is max 15 Pa.

Airborne sound insulation

Sound attenuation for air ducts between rooms Dn,e,wdB:

Supply air