ECO-C forced air heater

Installed in the ceiling, the stylish ECO-C provides passive houses with both smart heating and even and high-quality air distribution. Besides its elegant design, the features of ECO-C ceiling vent include high mixing ratio, wide throw pattern and an ingenious structure that keeps the ceiling surface clean.

Duct sizes

Ø 125 mm

Installation method

Surface mounting


For ceiling installation




This stylish ceiling vent with silent sound performance and excellent air distribution is easy to control and keep clean. ECO-C is easy and reliable to control, and the product has a high mixing ratio and a wide throw pattern.  This ensures draft-free and pleasant air distribution both during the heating season and outside it.

Due to its innovative design, the ceiling surface around the vent remains clean without the circle of dirt that typically forms due to secondary air.

ECO-C is suitable for all spaces where the air distribution is supplied through the ceiling.

ECO series – forced air heating in passive houses

The energy requirement of heating in passive houses is only 20–30 kWh/GSM and 10–20 W/m2 in rooms. The power demand for heating is small, so the accurate ECO forced air heating system that reacts quickly to changes is very suitable for these houses in terms of energy efficiency. With the programmable ECO series, the temperature can be adjusted separately for each room and the system learns as it is used, ensuring even better energy efficiency and thermal comfort.

ECO-C – Features:

  • High mixing ratio and wide throw pattern
  • An ingenious structure that keeps the ceiling surface clean
  • Reliable measurement and quick and accurate control
  • Elegant design
  • Heating integrated with the ventilation system simplifies the amount of building services
  • Outside the heating season, ECO-C functions as a top-quality supply air diffuser

Quick guide



The graph is not intended for adjusting.

Throw pattern and length

The supply air temperature does not affect the throw-length.

Sound attenuation

Sound level increases if cover distance is below 3x Ød:

  • after bend  +4 dB (A)
  • after T joint  +8 dB (A)

Advanced scheduling of heating improves energy efficiency

Room temperatures and heating can be scheduled even for each day individually. Weekly timer enables energy savings during times spent away from home and in times when heating is not needed. The room temperature can be programmed to descend during night times in rooms where heating is not needed.

ECO room control unit learns from and adapts to its surroundings. It will be able to begin heating no sooner or later than necessary and ensures that the desired temperature is reached at the right moment.


Air heater unit technical data

Voltage: 230 VAC / 50Hz
Connectors: 2 x 2,5 mm2 (PE) supply voltage. 4 x 0,8 mm2 data transfer/ RS485 (Modbus)
Power max: Nominal voltage 400 W (6-20 dm3 /s)
Duct size: Ø125