DINO-R displacement diffuser

DINO displacement diffusers are the best solution for displacement ventilation. The products of the series combine elegant design, flexibility and high capacity. The column-shaped DINO-R is designed for installation in the middle of a floor.

Air flow range

25-570 dm³/s, 90-2050 m³/h

Duct sizes

Ø 125-400 mm

Sustainable product

Biocomposite nozzles

Color options

RAL 9016 white (matte), RAL 9005 black (matte)


The displacement diffusers in the new DINO series which are designed for displacement ventilation combine high capacity, an elegant design, and flexibility when it comes to making adjustments during the whole life cycle of the diffusers.

The displacement diffusers of the DINO series provide premises with silent and draught-free air distribution, in places such as:

  • Classrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Meeting rooms
  • Fitness premises
  • Industrial premises
  • Professional kitchens

And all high premises in which large air volumes are needed.

DINO-R is a part of the OptiFlow® product family!

OptiFlow® products adapt to changes in the life cycle of the space due to an optimized and adaptable throw pattern.

The column-shaped DINO-R is designed for installation in the middle of a floor.

Delivery contents

In addition to the active supply air unit, the DINO series also include new and innovative regulators with a sound attenuating part as well as duct covers to achieve a uniform and stylish look. The patented regulator ensures constant airflow to the supply air diffuser, contributing to a smooth and draught-free throw pattern for the supply air diffuser.

Delivery contents

  • Displacement diffuser
  • Plinth attached to the diffuser

Quick selection guide

Product code

1   2   3   4


1 = Model
2 = Coupling size (Ø)
3 = Regulator and sound attenuator
4 = Duct cover


Main dimensions

Main dimensions, Duct parts

Note! In size 400 the damper is DIRIS.
DODS = Regulator + Sound attenuator

Main dimensions, Duct cover DRVP

mm = Ceiling height

Throw patterns

The throw pattern of DINO-A displacement diffuser can be redirected.

Thanks to the nozzles,  that can be turned over, the throw pattern of DINO displacement diffusers is easy to change after installation, for example if the purpose of the room is changed.

The change of the throw pattern doesn’t affect to the pressure drop or sound attenuation levels.

The standard throw pattern is directed to sides

The throw pattern can be changed

Selection diagrams

Graphs are not intended for adjustment.







Installation and adjustment

DINO displacement diffusers are easy to install, adjust, maintain and clean.

The fixing screws can be opened and the regulator can be easily removed so that the access is guaranteed inside the product and the duct during the maintenance.