A sustainable and energy-efficient option for property management

The MyAir system provides residential properties with unprecedented centralized exhaust ventilation control.  The equipment is especially suitable for buildings built after the 1960s with mechanical exhaust ventilation, when the aim is to improve the efficiency of ventilation and save on the energy costs of ventilation.

Significant savings can be achieved through balanced ventilation and the control of costs related to property management and maintenance. The conditions of the property are known and e.g., elevated values warn about problems with the building on the basis of long-term measurements at an early stage before the problems are perceivable by human senses.

Demand controlled ventilation creates energy savings in two ways

MyAir eliminates the increase in the total air volume of the building caused by duct flow and balances the differences in the air volumes caused by duct flow for each floor. This allows for reducing the temperatures in the apartments to a healthy level. When there is no feeling of draft, which is particularly common in the lowest floors, it does not need to be compensated for with excessive room temperature. This saves energy and improves living comfort. (Decree 545/2015)

Unnecessary clock-based ventilation boosts are also eliminated, so the supply air is not heated unnecessarily.

Cost management with automatic service calls

The MyAir system takes care of ventilation with the help of condition data collected by the terminal devices. At the same time, potential problems can be found at an early stage and they can provide accurate, measured data, so there is no need to rely solely on individual subjective observations.

The system automatically sends alerts to the maintenance company when it detects abnormal condition values or faults in the equipment, which means a faster response to problems and a reduction in unnecessary service visits.

Locating and preventing indoor air and structural problems

The smart system registers changes in air quality and humidity that humans cannot sense, which means that such things as moisture damage to the building can be detected at a very early stage. This in turn means better cost management for the property owner, as problems are located at an early stage. Furthermore, the system provides the maintenance company with measurement data to support maintenance operations. Long-term averaged measurements reveal possible moisture in the structures, for example, and long-term temperature differences between different spaces are a safer target for control than momentary differences.

Uneven ventilation and supply air problems due to pressure differences can, under certain conditions, cause harm to buildings and their occupants. MyAir balances the indoor air, and when the ventilation works properly, it helps prevent future problems.

Data utilization and integration into building automation

MyAir constantly measures indoor climate conditions. With the terminal device, it measures air volumes, pressure loss, temperature and humidity, and with differential pressure gauges it receives information about the building’s pressure ratios across the building envelope or between the apartment and the stairwell. The measurement data needed to support ventilation control is stored in the cloud, from where it is easily accessible, transferable and diversely usable. The measurement data is available for the building automation systems in use, among other things.

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