MistMaster® hood – novelty completes the range of professional kitchen solutions

MistMaster is a safe and high-quality hood with cold water mist function, especially to be used with open fire and charcoal grill appliances. It has been developed for the fire-safe handling of smoke and sparks.

The safe and high-quality choice

Open fire grills, which are very popular on the market, are demanding from a ventilation point of view. The open fire appliances require large volumes of air, also the soot, heat and sparkles need to be taken care of.  MistMaster is just the right choice for this use.

Ultrafine water mist of MistMaster hood suppresses flames and sparks, separates soot, and considerably lowers the temperature. Safety has been one of the top priorities when designing Climecon hoods.

Reliable and accurate dimensioning

Our products have been tested for sound pressure, pressure drop and airflow in an accredited test facility. Reliable results make it easy to choose the right product for your kitchen.

Ecology and energy efficiency, without compromising the performance

MistMaster hood nozzles are carefully selected and analyzed to meet the toughest requirements, resulting in a homogeneous water mist inside the extract chamber. Low water consumption is achieved without compromising the performance.

Compatible with all Climecon professional kitchen solutions

MistMaster hood can be seamlessly combined with other hood products in our collection, such as CleanMaster, StandardPlus and Standard hoods.  All Climecon professional kitchen solutions are 100% modularly compatible and can be easily combined into one solution that serves every kitchen.


User-friendly features

  • ModBus compatible
  • Fine and evenly distributed water mist
  • Water pressure adjustment as standard
  • Safe aqua box, with 24 V supply voltage
  • Separate control unit
  • Low water consumption
  • Compatible with Climecon control system

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Ingenious modular design

One MistMaster aquabox can serve up to 15 hoods. The control unit is compatible with the Climecon control system.

Optimal airflow route through water mist

Utilizing CFD analysis, the optimal location for the water nozzles has been found so that the water mist is homogeneous inside the entire extract chamber.

Top-class solutions for professional kitchens

Our solutions meet even the toughest requirements in terms of cleanability, fire safety, user comfort and efficiency. On top of all this, we have not overlooked stunning design.

Complete selection

Mix and match hoods, ventilation ceilings, and grease degradation technologies into a well-functioning entity. All our kitchen ventilation appliances are easily and visually combined providing the ultimate solution exactly for your needs.

Our professional kitchen solutions

For designers

MistMaster can be found from our selection tool Hood.X. With Hood.X you can select the right Climecon solution and dimension the air flows in the entire kitchen.

design with Hood.X

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