SAGA diffusers

A wide range of diffusers for both supply and exhaust air. The discrete SAGA can be faded into the wall surface or accentuated as an element of the interior. SAGA offers a solid alternative for schools, hotels, auditoriums and meeting rooms, as well as workplaces and open offices.

The discrete diffuser

With only 12 mm thick grille SAGA sets flat against the wall and creates a high-class indoor atmosphere.

Highly accurate adjustment

The adjustment position of SAGA remains between 5% of the set value.

Broad air flow range and 360˚ directable nozzles

SAGA is the latest addition to OptiFlow product family with its widely directable nozzles. Accurate adjustment and  versatile throw-pattern direction make the device ideal for draft-free and highly controlled air distribution.

SlideFix – adjustment mechanism

Based on pressure difference, the robust adjustment mechanism allows growing of airflow areas.

Identical design for both supply and exhaust air models

SAGA’s functional grille with a distinguished perforation is identical for both supply and exhaust air models.

The advanced structure that enables high class air distribution and suitable acoustic performance is hidden behind the front grille.

SAGA is a stylish product line with high-class Climecon matte coating.

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SAGA-SL is a stylish diffuser without a plenum box

SAGA-SL models include grille, mounting frame, and adjustment plate. In the supply air version, the throw pattern can be directed according to the need and the situation.

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Versatile throw-pattern direction

360˚ turning nozzles make the throw-pattern of SAGA easily designed to fit the location and its usage.

The device can be placed in a corner by applying sideways slanted throw-pattern.

SAGA is also suitable for under-temperature supply air.

For designers

SAGA can be found on MagiCloud database and on Vent.X selection and dimensioning tool.

design with Vent.X

Climecon wall diffuser selection – VIVA design diffuser

We also offer a comprehensive collection of ultra stylish

VIVA design diffusers

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