M/S Viking Grace is a new cruise ship of Finnish shipping company Viking Line. Viking Grace represents a completely new generation of cruise ferries with it’s revolutionary and environmentally friendly Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fuel system and award-winning interior design.

Climecon’s hoods with UV system were chosen for the kitchen environment of this modern and stylish cruise ship. Climecon has also producedthe high quality supply air diffusers mounted in the ceiling and high pressure balancing plenum boxes with heating and actuator for Viking Grace.

Climecon´s purification solutions that use the combined effect of ultraviolet light and ozone keep the ducts cleaner than traditional solutions. Grease does not accumulate in the exhaust air champers, which significantly lowers the risk of grease fires. This is especially important in the kitchen environment of cruise ships. The photochemical exhaust air purification systems by Climecon are also skimpy with energy, and thanks to their simple construction, they require only a minimum of maintenance.

The kitchen staff of Viking Grace has also been really pleased with the solution due to its easy usability and maintenance.