The business premise underwent a major renovation, as this is the first time a restaurant has been in the space. From the beginning, responsibility was taken into account, which Olo Collection wants to invest in increasingly. In addition to the space’s materials, most of the furniture is also recycled and refurbished. Responsibility also weighs on raw materials and their supply chain. The restaurant gets its energy from solar panels installed on the roof. In addition, Scolare is located in a building that will be carbon neutral at the beginning of 2024.

The restaurant has a warm atmosphere, and a large skylight brings space to the room. Climecon’s supply air diffusers in matte black can be found on the hall’s ceiling.

Efficiency and appearance

The stylish and efficient Climecon CleanMaster ceiling ventilation solution was chosen for the kitchen. There are almost 200 customer places in Scolare, and it’s connected to Banco Vin, so the ventilation in the kitchen must work top-notch. In the design of our ceiling ventilation solutions, special attention has been paid to appearance, functionality, and, above all, user-friendliness. The modern design and low structure create space in the kitchen while taking care of the working conditions of the kitchen staff.

“Our CleanMaster hood and ventilation ceilings are praised for their efficiency. I am more than proud that the top chefs choose our solutions,”

commented Ville Wallendahr, Director of professional kitchens business.

Climecon’s professional kitchen design service was strongly involved throughout the project. Climecon offered Granlund, responsible for the ventilation design, all the help he needed throughout the project. The ventilation ceiling was designed as a 3D model, which was combined with the space’s master plan and ductwork. When using the Climecon Magicad -Plugin for the AutoCad program, the model always contains all important ventilation design values, such as pressure losses, air volume, and sound levels. The correctness of the technical performance values ​​ensures that we test all our products in reliable testing laboratories such as Eurofins.

The ventilation ceilings are equipped with OptiLumo luminaires. The lighting control device is DALI-compatible as standard. With this, the lighting in the kitchen can be easily adjusted to be atmospheric in relation to the restaurant’s hall. Climecon’s Optilumo luminaires also have a 10-year warranty.


Climecon’s professional kitchen ventilation solution is the choice of a top professional for kitchens, from Michelin restaurants to production kitchens producing food services, public buildings, and commercial premises. The high-quality products are manufactured from start to finish in Finland. All ventilation components and CleanMaster technology have a 5-year warranty!