The valves were also chosen according to this spirit since ventilation is an essential part of coziness and living comfort. “It won’t work if everything is premium, but the ventilation is not in order,” states the owner of the house. Our technically advanced LINE valves take care of the ventilation of this modern house.

Timeless and personal design

The interior of the house was designed by interior architect Antti-Jussi Silvennoinen from Franz Desing Oy, and the architect of the house is Seppo Mäntylä. A minimalist style that reflects its owner was sought after. Huge windows spanning from the ceiling down to the floor bring the serenity of the surrounding forest into the house. The seamless connection to nature can also be seen in the material choices of the interior. Matching-tone wood has been used on both the floor and in the ceiling, and all surfaces are ceramic.

Black color can be found in every room, so the matte black and round-shaped LINE valves are a perfect choice for this house. The interior architect Antti-Jussi had been looking for new ideas for the design of the ventilation equipment. He recalls finding LINE valves on Climecon’s social media and immediately contacting Pekka Huhtela, who is responsible for our air terminal devices.

“No compromises were made in any of the choices. The ventilation must also be first class and the design of the valves finished.”

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Seppo Mäntylä

Interior architect

Antti-Jussi Silvennoinen, Franz Desing Oy