Light colors combined with large stone and marble surfaces play a key role in creating the spacious look of the home. LINE’s design and surface materials fit for the home’s well-thought-out atmosphere. Opal glass, matte white and Accoya LINE valves were selected for the site. Inspired by the broad possibilities of the valves, the homeowner calls for visually subtle options in other building services solutions as well.

Our aim was to make the property as minimalist as possible but still cozy for us. At the beginning of the project, LINE had not yet been published, but Climecon hinted that something new was on its way. When we finally saw LINE, we knew that it was just right for our home. If necessary, LINE can also be adapted to tiles or just about anything with the LINEb customization version,” says the owner, Sami Lehtinen.

Design goes beyond the looks

The structure of LINE valves has been developed in such a way that the dirt ring that usually accumulates around the valve, on the ceiling surface, will not form. In three-meter-high rooms with a light-colored ceiling, the feature is welcome for keeping the valves and the ceiling surface clean.

In the large space combining the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom, there are several valves that are placed symmetrically into the ceiling. LINEs can also be found in children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, and corridors. LINE Accoya in the sauna has a surface which has been treated to match the color tone of the surroundings.

Devices at the site

HVAC design

Juha Lehtonen, Insinööritoimisto Levia