The harmonious interior of the hotel covers a range of spaces for various purposes. The hotel guests can enjoy comfortable accommodation, meeting rooms, and lounges, as well as a high-class restaurant and an elegant spa area. For a good indoor atmosphere, all of these spaces are equipped with Climecon air terminal units and professional kitchen ventilation solutions.

Design was seen important in ventilation choices

The personal style of the hotel is presented in the slightest detail across the interior. The air terminal units selected for the premises were prioritized by how their design and color options complete the modernized feel of the historical building. A good example is a minimalistic diffuser for suspended ceilings, HALO, which was selected for the hallways.

Low room height at the hotel lobby and dining area is a common issue at renovation sites and poses a challenge for bringing in large quantities of supply air without causing draught. For this, looks-wise non-striking solutions were sought after. RAM slot diffuser that spans across the first-floor ceiling turned out to be just what the space needed. The diffusion pattern of RAM can be widely directed meaning that the supply airflow will not cause draught for the hotel visitors.

Efficient air purification and good working conditions for the kitchen

The restaurant menu shows respect for the local food traditions and for the kitchen staff preparing the delicacies CleanMaster hoods were a must-have. In addition to effective extract air purification, the lighting of the kitchen was considered a priority. Warm-toned luminaires that were compatible with DALI lighting control system were selected for the hoods.


Ventilation Designer

Emil Fredriksson, Duopoint


Markus Lamponen, Kouvolan Putkityö