GRADIA Harju is a grand school campus located in Jyväskylä

According to Timo Holopainen, the HVAC designer of the building, the best air quality is obtained with well-designed low velocity ventilation. This is why displacement ventilation was chosen for most of the areas of the school. Climecon’s DINO displacement diffusers are a superb solution for displacement ventilation. They can now be found all around the building stylishly flush-mounted on the ceilings. DINO series combine high capacity and elegant design, and are available in all the colours of RAL K1 colour chart. This time in addition to the standard colour of white, black DINOs were also chosen.

In a silent room located in the middle of the school, the ventilation needs to be extra quiet. Climecon’s DINO-T displacement diffusers make sure that the air distribution of the room is draught-free and silent.

”Climecon is a trustworthy and flexible manufacturer.”

-Timo Holopainen, HVAC designer of the building

There was also room for creativity when designing the ventilation of the school building: SET exhaust air vents got to be a part of art work when they were painted into the colorful wall paintings of the school. Some of Climecon’s devices also ended up outside of the walls of the building. On the roof OTSO-U roof hoods are now taking care of the exhaust air flow of the building.

HVAC designer Timo Holopainen tells that Climecon was chosen for its flexibility and trustworthiness. Also the possibility to tailor the products influenced the decision. 

HVAC designer

Timo Holopainen, Insinööritoimisto Mittatyö Timo Holopainen Ky

Insinööritoimisto Mittatyö Timo Holopainen Ky 

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