The theme of this year’s Housing Fair was “home is more than just housing”. You can find a remote workstation, business premises or exercise facilities in your home. The life cycles of houses extend far into the future. The quality of the indoor climate, and also the aesthetics had been invested in. “I am more than satisfied that LINE and FINO valves were found in so many fair homes. The ventilation of high-quality houses should work efficiently. If the premises are used for living, hobby and work, then you need to invest in ventilation and comfort,” says Pekka Huhtela, Director of air terminal devices business at Climecon.

The roof surface will certainly remain clean

The interior of the homes has been thought through to the last detail, so the appearance of the technical equipment must also be finished. The effects during the life cycle should also be taken into account, for example how the roof surface stays clean. Cleanliness is one of the most important factors in the overall appearance of the home. Our devices are designed so that the dirt ring that normally forms around the valve cannot form. None of the houses that had Climecon valves installed showed a ring of dirt around the valve.

The quality of the interior comes out in the details

Many had taken advantage of the fact that LINE valves are suitable for both intake and exhaust air. This creates a uniform and harmonious look. A unique surface treatment found on all our terminals brings the rooms a finished overall look. In Villa Havu’s WC, you can find birch-colored cladding board surfaces. The Accoya wooden valve from the LINE series was chosen to match them. Opal glass and square LINE valves were also successfully used in the interiors. For example, a uniform look was created in the bathrooms by choosing a square shower and a square LINE.

Villa Havet’s black and white textiles, furniture and cabinets are brought to life by Caisla’s marble patterned tiles. The tile was also ingeniously used to customize the LINE valves. The selected surface material can be attached to the LINEb product.

The black and white valves match seamlessly with the different shades of wood, which were used in abundance at the fair sites. In several locations, a coffered ceiling was also used, and in some locations, acoustic elements were used in the ceiling. The matte black LINEs are perfect for both of these, both functionally and visually.

In the only apartment building at the fair, the hybrid product TUPA was chosen as the exhaust nozzle. The streamlined TUPA is embedded in the wall surface, the end result is stylish and subtle. The minimalist and wall-mounted FINO was also chosen for many houses, where it fit like a glove. Climecon’s design service helped builders choose the right products for the right place. They were very satisfied with the functionality of the ventilation, the dirt-free roof surface and the overall appearance. The fair was a great success.