Valuable pieces require top-quality

The artworks are priceless in museums and exhibition spaces, so the air quality is crucial. Impure air causes corrosion and can significantly affect the condition and preservation of historical works of art and objects. Because of this, museums use different air purification systems to reduce the effect of moisture and harmful gases that promote corrosion. The Ateneum is a state-protected property. It was completed in 1887, so protecting the building itself cannot be forgotten either.

With Ateneum’s location in the middle of the busy center of Helsinki, the most significant air quality challenges are exhaust gases and other combustion processes that take place in theoutdoor air, such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and ozone. KPC chemical air purifiers were chosen for air purification of the premises, of which up to 20 can be found at the site. In the filter mass selection, we ended up with CKP8 filter media, which had already been found to be a working compound based on Ateneum’s previous usage experiences. The selected filter media is especially suitable for solving air quality problems caused by traffic in urban environments.

From the beginning, Climecon’s experts helped with planning and dimensioning to ensure the best possible solutions for the site.

Responsible solutions

The project also considered climate goals, as the developer Senaatti-kiinteistöt has set emission reduction goals for all its construction projects of more than two million euros. The responsibility of our products and our carbon neutrality work weighed heavily in the balance when making the choice.