UPSI hybrid product

Hybrid product UPSI combines fresh air intake and waste air exhaust in one compact package. The structure and the high waste air exhaust velocity of UPSI prevent fresh and used air from mixing. UPSI is small, low and inconspicuous – without compromising performance.

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The fresh air intake has a protective mesh to keep the supply air side clean. The exhaust nozzle is constructed to accelerate the airflow and equipped with a mesh. UPSI is as small, low and inconspicuous as possible without compromising performance.

UPSI is available in any RAL colour defined by the architect to achieve the best outward appearance. The standard colour is steel grey RAL 9023+9007. Available with exhaust either to the right (R) or to the left (L). Fresh air intake duct Ø160 – Ø250.


  • Combo product with both fresh air intake and used air exhaust in one package
  • Exhaust either right (R) or left (L)
  • Standard colour steel grey RAL9023+9007
  • Fresh air intake duct Ø160 – Ø250

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UPSI fresh air

UPSI exhaust air

Calculated exit air velocity


L0,5 > 3m


L0,5 > 3m


L0,5 > 3m


L0,5 > 3m