Bold colors, wooden details, and stone surfaces have been creatively used in the interiors of homes at the Finnish housing fair. The atmosphere in the homes have been crafted with interesting interior elements and lighting solutions. What comes to ventilation, attention has been paid to how the air terminal devices can be part of the interior. The minimalist design, classic color options, and new surface materials of our devices have been extensively applied in a range of fair homes.

The LINE collection keeps on charming

LINE valves have been used in ultra-stylish homes, and the entire range of options is displayed in the houses. Opal glass supply and exhaust air valves have been used against light-colored ceilings, but they also work on stone surfaces. In one of the largest fair homes, Villa Pinta, opal glass valves complete the home’s concrete-like surfaces.

Responsibility was a requirement in ventilation

The main themes of the housing fair are the responsibility and sustainable living solutions. The carbon footprints of all homes have been calculated. The use of wood and organic materials is common and there are numerous log houses at the fair. In addition, wooden surfaces and wooden interior ceilings can be found in several sites, varying in shapes and shades.

The first carbon-neutral ventilation valve, Accoya wooden LINE, is placed against a light wooden slatted ceiling in the sauna of Betoniviidako. The wooden valve blends deliciously into its background, as it has been treated to match the light shade of the ceiling. In addition, the wood grains are placed to follow and blend into the laths on the ceiling.

Finished design is of interest to home decorators

The Baltic Sea valve FINO can be found in several sites. FINOs are dimensioned symmetrically according to their surroundings. The lowest and therefore the slimmest device in the FINO collection, of duct size 100 mm, is the preferred choice among the fair builders.

RINO can be found in numerous homes. Although we are used to seeing the valve on the ceiling, it has also been used on the walls in several homes. Most of the valves are in matte black, which suits wooden and light surfaces very well.

Design goes beyond appearance

A unique surface treatment found on all our air terminal devices creates a finished overall look for a space. In addition to the matte-like appearance, it keeps the valves easy to clean. Our devices are designed in such a way that no ring of dirt and dust collects around the valves. This is very essential in the cleanliness and general appearance of any home.