The all-year-round snow castle of Kemi has Climecon ventilation solutions in its main building and cabins.

Our OLO, NOX and MIS diffusers can be spotted in the lobbies, conference rooms and common areas of the main building of the seasonal visiting center. RIF diffusers that are commonly used in sports hall ceilings are selected for the high spaces since they offer a broad variety of long downwards facing throw-patterns.

Fresh air, safe and comfy working conditions in the restaurant’s kitchen are ensured with CleanMaster® hoods. The cosy residential cabinets for visitors are equipped with stylish supply air valve RINO‘s and saunas with RINO-S‘s.

HVAC designer, Janne Järlström, states that the challenge with this project was to find a supplier with optimal ventilation solutions for both significantly high spaces and low offices. Since Climecon’s selection covers specially designed, stylish solutions for both of the afore mentioned situations on top of efficient professional kitchen solutions, the choice was clear.

Design and style of Climecon air terminal devices set our selection apart. Eventough, ventilation usually is heavily about engineering and physics, our products also satisfy the needs of those focused on appearance and design factors. Not to mention the people who are actually involved in installation and maintenance.

The constructor of the snow castle Toni Syrjälä mentioned good adjustability and easy mounting as the main points of his experiences with Climecon devices. Out of the solutions used in this case, NOX and RINO valves  for instance are renowned for their easy yet accurate adjustment. Also, the sideways’ mobility of OLO diffusers does not go unnoticed from a construction professional.

HVAC designer

Janne Järlström, LVI-Pohjola


Toni Syrjälä, Tornion Ilmastointitekniikka