The modern Vexve Arena was built in Sastamala, Finland. The building works as a learning center providing spaces for various uses, ranging from sports halls to class rooms and teaching kitchens.

Our RIF-M twist-supply diffusers were chosen for the gym hall of the Vexve arena. The class rooms at the premises got equipped with RATT-supply air valves and NOT-S supply air diffusers were chosen for the cabinets. Our ceiling ventilation solutions ended up in the kitchens and our hoods in the teaching kitchens of the learning center. Additionally, our KONTIO roof hoods now grace the roof top of the arena.

RIF-M suits sports halls perfectly since it has been designed to fulfill the heating and cooling requirements in addition to the ventilation needs of tall, lofty spaces. Also, the throw pattern can be modified via an actuator. This way the air flow can be optimized depending on if the hall is being used to hold a celebration or sports events like badminton or volleyball, where the direction of the air flow makes a vast difference.

The HVAC designer of the project, Janne Räsänen says that RIF-M is an excellent diffuser for multi-purpose halls, because the same device covers the requirements of the space being used for a wide range of purposes.

RATT supply air diffusers suit class rooms because they have been designed to fit the special ventilation needs of large spaces. NOT-S supply air diffusers are the perfect choice for the cabinets and sounds from adjustment and throttling are efficiently dampened before the diffuser unit.

HVAC designer

Janne Räsänen