Salpaus Further Education, a training center for 14,000 students, is a great example of the scope of our range of products especially suitable for educational institutions. Our solutions were used to implement the ventilation from common areas to teaching facilities and the professional kitchen in a modernization that focused on well-being at work, comfort and sustainable development.

Flexible terminal devices for varied facilities

The facilities of Salpaus range from large teaching and general spaces to smaller group workspaces and offices. The facilities’ terminal devices are required to have a wide adjustment range and a throw pattern that can be directed in various ways and redirected when necessary. For example, the combination of an OLO suspended ceiling diffuser and a FLO plenum box offers a great solution for this.

The NOT and NOP nozzle ducts offer versatile, easy-to-direct throw patterns and are suitable for high spaces. The ROL nozzle ducts and their ROL-S adjustment units are suitable for large volumes of air in large auditoriums, for example.

DINO for displacement ventilation

The purpose of displacement ventilation is to bring supply air at low velocity into the occupied zone as the old air moves to the top of the space. Our DINO series of low-velocity diffusers is designed for this purpose and it is widely used in the corridors, lobbies and auditoriums of Salpaus.

Effective ventilation for professional kitchens

About 2,500 people have lunch every day at the premises of Salpaus, which sets out some requirements for the capacity of the kitchens and, at the same time, their ventilation solutions. Climecon’s high-quality hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions were chosen for the ventilation of the kitchens due to their high purification efficiency and low maintenance costs.