A Bulevardi office building was converted into a hotel and our stylish and efficient devices were selected for the kitchen and common areas.

The varied uses of the facilities call for a very comprehensive range from the HVAC equipment manufacturer, as it needed to include the right equipment for the hotel’s 182 rooms, restaurant dining room and kitchen, as well as the lounge and gym. Lapland Hotels promises its visitors a piece of modern Lapland at its most spectacular. Therefore, when designing the ventilation, the style aspects of the equipment also played a key role.

“We have a long history of working with Climecon. Climecon was chosen as the supplier because it provides help with the design work and the products can be customized if necessary. The products’ Finnish make is also a significant factor.”

– Eetu Laaksonen, HVAC Designer, Oy PQR Consult AB

The low spaces in the basement of the building as well as the kitchen, restaurant and reception on the first floor required the ventilation products to have a low profile, in particular. The products also had to match the look of the ultra-stylish hotel. “Climecon’s products met the client’s requirements well in terms of both visual aspects and functionality,” says Joni Raki from NCC Suomi Oy. In addition to the architects’ favorites, RINO, RAM and CLIK, Climecon’s terminal devices chosen for the hotel’s restaurant, reception and common areas included TINO, DINO-T, KIO and EKO. The restaurant’s kitchen was equipped with CleanMaster® hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions.

With some devices, the high style standards led to non-traditional installation methods. For example, MAP was flush mounted with a sleek mounting frame. The RAM supply and exhaust air devices were decided to be installed in the hotel lounge as a black ribbon along the entire length of the room. The direction of the device’s airflow is widely adjustable. With RAM, a solution was achieved that fit the look of the space while also providing even air distribution, adding to the comfort of the hotel guests.

“The products’ adaptation to the challenging cramped and low spaces was a great success, and the delivery time of the customized products was commendably fast.”

– Joni Raki, Building Services Specialist, NCC Suomi Oy

Furthermore, DINO-T devices were selected as supply air devices for the gym and corridors, for example. The DINO-T low-velocity diffuser was exceptionally installed on the ceiling of the hotel’s kitchen, as the cramped kitchen required additional supply air and there was no space left on the walls between all the kitchen equipment. Unusual solutions also require proactivity from our personnel. “The service-minded personnel help solve problems and act quickly when there are changes,” says Timo Kivekäs from Bravida. “The installation instructions for the products are clear and easy to find,” Kivekäs continues.

Top equipment for a top hotel’s kitchen

Due to the low ceiling height and beams, the ceiling ventilation ducts had to be customized for the site. A custom-made CleanMaster® ceiling ventilation solution was installed in the kitchen.

The advanced four-tier grease removal of the CleanMaster® technology also improves fire safety and lowers maintenance costs, as no grease accumulates in the ducts.

The CleanMaster products’ very low lifecycle costs, easy maintenance and ability to use with modern heat recovery equipment are excellent reasons to choose Climecon’s Finnish, high-quality professional kitchen products.

HVAC Designer

Eetu Laaksonen, Oy PQR Consult AB

MEP Specialist

Joni Raki, NCC Suomi Oy

HVAC Contractor

Timo Kivekäs, Bravida Finland Oy