The stylish location required stylish valves

‘Modern’ refers to the advanced building technology solutions of the Sensu house, in addition to the stylish visual choices. The style of the house is a tasteful combination of nuances from both Japanese and Nordic design. In addition to appearance, the quality-savvy builders emphasized energy efficiency in building services choices.

The minimalist design of the LINE valves, several options for the visible part of the device and the possibility to customize the deco part raised the LINE to the top of the alternatives. The technically advanced features and style of our valves impressed the residents.

Cleanliness was an important criterion

Saara had previously been sensitized to bad indoor air, so sanitation was a priority when making decisions for a new home. LINE valves are designed to prevent the dirt ring of airborne dust and other contaminants that normally forms around the valves.

Cleanliness has also been taken into account in the surface treatment of LINE valves. Our unique surface treatment, which has been standard in our indoor equipment since last year, leaves the surface of the equipment slippery matte, dirt-repellent and highly finished.

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