LINE residential valves

Ventilation can now be part of the interior decor with the unique design of LINE valves and versatile options for the visible deco part of the product. The stylish and advanced valve creates a high-quality indoor climate at residential locations.

Add the finishing touch to an interior with stylish valves

LINE is Climecon’s new, stylish, and advanced residential valve. The collection has been developed in collaboration with industrial design and interior design professionals as well as Climecon’s ventilation experts. The starting point for the cooperation was to combine interior design and ventilation with stylish valves. With the LINE collection, products’ streamlined, graphic shapes and the materials seen in ventilation for the first time offer architects, interior designers and those building and renovating their own houses extensive opportunities to finish an interior decor with valves.

Options for decorating with the visible deco part

LINE has a round or square visible deco part, which is available in new materials, Accoya® wood or opal glass in addition to painted steel. The end-user can also attach a desired material as a visible part of the valve with a mounting part developed for customization.

Sustainable Accoya® pine is the choice of a true design enthusiast

For the ones who value high quality and sustainability, we offer LINE valves with a solid wooden visible deco part. The classy and durable Accoya® parts bring an instance of organic feel into an interior.

The wood is finely treated to give it a modern, light tint. Accoya® wooden parts are also available non-treated allowing a range of possibilities for treating in a way that perfectly matches the location.

Accoya® pine is sustainably cultivated and environmentally certified. The natural treatment of the wood results in long-lasting parts that also tolerate water extremely well. Due to this, the Accoya® wooden deco parts also suit valves used in bathrooms and saunas.

The opal glass suits light shaded locations

Opal glass is an elegant choice of material for light and powdery spaces. Sophisticated, matte glass brings a hint of lucidity to the ceiling and wall surfaces and binds the elements of a room together in a surprising way.

The visible deco part is of high-quality, opaque glass that does not reflect into shades of green at the intersection, but offers a neutral and versatile alternative for fresh homes and modern indoors.

Customize to fit your style

For those who want perfection in interior design, we offer the LINEb option, to which the desired surface material can be attached. Tiles or other surface materials used in the room can be used as visible parts of valves.

The same mounting part applies to devices used as both supply and exhaust air valves. For example, in connection with a change in the interior design, it is easy to replace the front of a LINE valve with a visible part suitable for the result, utilizing the fastening part.

High-class coating is a visual statement

Visible deco parts in painted steel are available in matte black or white – fade into wall surfaces or highlight as part of the interior. The high-quality surface treatment leaves the products finished and creates a luxury-like feel to the valves.

The dirt-repellent paint protects the valves and helps to keep the products clean and easier to clean.

LINE collection

Created in cooperation with design experts

The design of LINE valves relies on the timelessness of basic geometrical forms. This is why the selection covers round and square-shaped visible deco parts of the valves. Additionally, the unusual materials have been selected base on their versatile usability for locations of ranging architectural and interior designs.

The materials and forms of LINE valves have been developed in cooperation with experts in interior design, industrial design, and Climecon’s team of ventilation specialists.

Versatile alternatives for interior design

LINE contains a round or a square-shaped visible deco part that in addition to painted steel is available in new materials. Additionally, one can customise LINE vales with a special part made designed for this.

LINE valves are identical for both supply and exhaust air and they fit ceiling and wall mounting.

“LINE valves were used to finish a highly detail oriented design of an interior. The high-quality devices create a good and healthy indoor atmosphere.”

Quiet and draft-free ventilation

The finished structure of LINE valves ensures high-quality ventilation in residential locations. Technical conditions such as a wide throw-pattern and a good mixing ratio are achieved to provide good living conditions.

Broad product range

LINE valves can be found in the most common residential ventilation connection sizes, 100 mm and 125 mm.

Both size options include alternatives for supply and exhaust air terminal units. A sealed mounting frame is always included in the product design as a standard.

Precise and reliable adjustment

In LINE’s product development, we paid attention to precise, reliable, and clear adjustment. The adjustment is made with square-shaped, magnetic (2×2) adjustment parts, which are supplied with the product. The adjustment position has no significant effect on the throw length resulting indraft-free ventilation.

Airflow direction with LINEd

As a standard, LINE has a 360° throw-pattern. Airflow can be directed into 180° or 270° angles with a LINEd orientation section. This way the device can be placed near a wall or into a corner of a room. The airflow of a wall-operated supply air device can be directed upwards with LINEd.

Wide throw-pattern can be directed

The LINE has a 360° throw-pattern as standard. Airflow orientation into 180 ° or 270 ° angles is possible with a separately ordered LINEd orientation section. Due to the directability of the throw-pattern, the devices used to supply air can be installed, for example, near a wall or into a corner of a room.

Easy to keep clean

Thanks to our dirt-repellent matte coating, standard LINE valves are easy to clean.

Also suitable for wet rooms

LINE valves can also be placed in bathrooms, saunas, and other wet rooms. Painted, opal glass and Accoya® wooden visible deco parts of the devices are highly resistant to moisture.

Identical valves for supply and exhaust air

  • 100 – 125 mm
  • 5 – 18 l/s
  • Insulated duct collar included
  • Throw pattern direction with LINEd

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For designers

LINE valves are available on MagiCAD Cloud database and in our user-friendly Vent.X selection tool.

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