Tietokylä and Otaniemi Upper Secondary School are located in Espoo. The massive upper secondary school has 800 students and hundreds of employees.

Climecon had the honor of supplying CleanMaster and StandardPlus hoods to the kitchen facilities of the massive Otaniemi Upper Secondary School. Climecon hoods ensure that ventilation works just as it should regardless of place.

Climecon’s design service is always ready to help

When preparing huge quantities of food, ventilation must also work flawlessly. Climecon’s design service helped with the plans from the very beginning, so that just the right kind of hood solutions could be chosen for the kitchen facilities.

The site’s HVAC designer Samuli Marttinen from Sweco states that Climecon’s design service was helpful in planning the site. In particular, help was needed due to some challenging beams, which made the placement of the hoods challenging.

“Climecon’s design service always works well and you get answers if you just ask.”

– HVAC Designer Samuli Marttinen, Sweco

Marttinen also praised Climecon’s excellent browser-based dimensioning programs, which he says are pleasant to use.

HVAC Designer

Samuli Marttinen, Sweco