RAL9023+9007 Stalowa szarość


Równo mocowanie

Obróbka powierzchniowa

Klasy odporności korozyjnej C4


Finished design suitable for the cityscape

The product is truly exceptional since it can be flush mounted into the wall. The device does not protrude from the wall, giving a stylish and subtle look. TUPA has been designed in cooperation with the leading operators in the field, mostly for ventilation in residential premises.

TUPA is designed to be suitable for a wide range of purposes without compromising on style. The design of the device is streamlined, angular and sleek.

TUPA will not let snow or rain in!

In TUPA, the intake air flows through a snow guard structure, which is proven to let no snow or water into the ducts regardless of the supply air quantities. The structure of the exhaust air nozzle speeds up the air flow and includes a protective screen.

The structure of TUPA and the high velocity of the exhaust air prevent exhaust air from mixing with supply air.

The coating of TUPA conforms with the C4 class of corrosion protection, enduring even harsh weather conditions

The paint retains its tone for several decades according to an internationally defined and approved classification.

Available with an exhaust nozzle either on the right (R) or the left (L). The standard size for the air intake duct is Ø160.


  • Flush mounted hybrid product for the intake of outside air and air exhaustion
  • Available with an exhaust nozzle either on the right (R) or the left (L)
  • TUPAi is the insulated version of the product
  • Also available as a T-model suitable for smaller air flows 16–40 l/s
  • Coating in accordance with the C4 class of corrosion protection (ISO12944-6)
  • Air flow for intake and exhaust air is 16–80 l/s
  • The rain penetration class is A measured in accordance with the SFS-EN 13030:2001 standard
  • The long and narrow throw pattern prevents the mixing of intake and exhaust air
  • Top-quality water separation properties

Long and narrow throw pattern

TUPA’s long and narrow throw pattern prevents intake air from mixing with extraction air.

Quick guide


Product code

TUPA collection

TUPA-R 125/160
TUPA-L 125/160
TUPA-R 125T/160
TUPA-L 125T/160

Insulated TUPAi

TUPA-R 125/160-i
TUPA-L 125/160-i
TUPA-R 125T/160-i
TUPA-L 125T/160-i

Top class water separation

qV Air flow, dm³/s
v Duct velocity (ø160 mm)
qro Water flow
qd Water entered
qdo Water entered
E Water separation rate, %

Air flow

Water flow


qv v qro qd qdo E Class
dm3/s m/s (l/h)/m2
l/h (l/h)/m2
0 0 75 0.000 0.00 100.0 A
16.3 0.8 75 0.000 0.00 100.0 A
42.2 2.1 75 0.000 0.00 100.0 A
61.2 3.0 75 0.000 0.00 100.0 A
80.4 4.0 75 0.000 0.00 100.0 A

Dimensions TUPA

TUPA-R 125/160

Dimensions TUPA, non-isolated

Dimensions of TUPAi (insulated)

TUPA isolated dimensions

Total pressure loss of outside air flow

TUPA raitisilman kokonaispainehäviö


Insulation of the device does not affect the performance. Same values apply for both models.

These graphs are not intended for adjusting.

TUPA air flow velocity

TUPA puhallusnopeus

TUPA exhaust air

TUPA ulospuhalluksen puhallusnopeustaulukko