UltraCarbon is a chemical air purifier for professional kitchens, restaurants and food industry. UltraCarbon is a compact solution for the efficient purification of particles, odors and exhaust fumes.


UltraCarbon air purifier  is a compact solution for efficient purification of both gaseous contaminants and particles in the air. It enables efficient odor neutralization in kitchens that prepare spicy food, use grease in the cooking process and prepare food by smoking.

UltraCarbon purifier unit:

  • Standard material: galvanized sheet steel
  • Sturdy stand
  • Insulated doors
  • Joint list

Additional features:

  • Pre-filtering unit: class M6
  • Post-filtering unit: class F9
  • Thermally insulated  body

Filtering substance is chosen according to the  composition of air borne impurities.

The filtration rate of UltraCarbon is 80-95%. The corresponding lag time of the air flow in the filtration mass is around 0,06 -0,25 seconds.