CCF-4 wide-area filter

The CCF-4 wide-area filters are an efficient alternative to traditional filters. The filter’s short structural length enables efficient filtering even in tight places and increasing filter performance in so-called short filters.

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The wide-area filters CCF-4 can be installed straight into a bag filter frame. This new-generation filter makes generating clean air easy and economically viable.


  • Large airflow – small pressure loss
  • Large capacity – long service life
  • High structural stiffness
  • Filter fibres do not enter airflow
  • Space-saving
  • Easy to handle, store and dispose of
  • Installation position freely selectable
  • Even airflow to face
  • Fits bag filter frames
  • Filtering classes G4-F9


  • Replacement for bag filters – smaller space requirements
  • Air-conditioning devices
  • Filter walls
  • Pre- and post-filtering in chemical purifiers
  • All applications that require high filtering efficiency in a minimal space