FINO residential valve

The stylish FINO supply air valve is the perfect choice as a supply air device for modern buildings and interiors for places where the appearance of the product matters. FINO is especially suitable for small airflows, combines a very low constructional height, quiet performance, a smooth surface, and a finished design.

When the looks of the valve matter

FINO is the lowest product in the Climecon collection, only 12mm deep, protruding from the wall. The clear and simplified design is suitable for modern and stylish interior design, and also offers almost limitless possibilities in more traditional locations.

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Finished product development

  • Finished design
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet, draft-free and easy to adjust
  • Baltic Sea product

Indoor air architecture

Part of architecture

The FINO structure is only 12 mm deep and is the Lowest Valve in the entire Climecon range.

Thanks to its innovative design, FINO offers an unobtrusive alternative to the architecture of the space. With different color options, the diffuser can either fade to the wall surface or highlight it with a contrasting color.

Indoor climate design

Quiet and draft-free operation is based on an optimal number of square-shaped holes, with dense division. Supply air enters the room evenly and without draft.

The diffusers are adjusted from behind the grille with magnetic tapes that do not collect dirt or dust. Adjustment is easy and quick with the innovative adjustment diaphragm, which also protects the diffuser.

Easy installation

No screws or other fasteners are required to install the grille.

The collection covers the three most common duct sizes in residential apartments, so you can find the right duct size for every situation. Easy and reliable adjustment speeds up installation.

Innovative adjustment

The FINO is adjusted from behind the front, and the magnetic tapes used for the adjustment do not collect dirt or dust. The adjustment position of the device remains designed thanks to the magnetic strips.

As a protection for the front, you can see the correct adjustment position at a glance from the adjustment film during transport.

Baltic sea product

FINO the first Baltic Sea product in ventilatoin. A part of the proceeds are donated through the John Nurminen Foundation for the benefit of the Baltic Sea.

In order to preserve the maritime and cultural heritage for future generations, Juha Nurminen ended up founding the John Nurminen Foundation back in 1992.

The John Nurminen Foundation is doing concrete work for the protection of the Baltic Sea in the form of more than 37 different projects.

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