Restaurant Farang, which serves Southeast Asian flavors in the center of Helsinki, moved to larger premises in 2020. Our Finnish high-quality products were chosen for the ventilation of the entire restaurant, both the kitchen and the dining room.

Farang has deep roots in the culinary scene of Helsinki. Climecon’s Finnish, high-quality and carefully designed devices fit the ventilation of the top-quality restaurant like a glove.

Tough requirements for professional kitchen equipment

The restaurant itself made sure that Climecon’s Finnish, top-quality hoods were chosen for the kitchen. Asian cuisine includes intense flavors and cooking over an open fire / embers, as well as frying with a lot of fat. From ventilation solutions, this requires strong purification power, a combination of several purification techniques and the neutralization of the odors of spicy food.

Pre-adjusted ROX nozzle ducts as a part of the room’s décor

Farang’s stylish and warm ambience is deepened by the black ceiling, into which the matte black ROX nozzle ducts blend nicely. The product brings large volumes of air into the spacious dining room and bar quietly, in a controlled manner and without a disturbing feeling of draft.

The throw patterns of the ROX ducts were pre-modeled by Climecon, so that the airflows of the closely spaced nozzle ducts would not collide, causing a feeling of draft on the diners’ necks. The position of the nozzles was then adjusted according to the modeling at our factory, from where the new turnkey ROX nozzle ducts were delivered to the site.



HVAC designers

Ossi Tikkala & Joel Manninen, Hepacon Oy

HVAC contractor

Ossi Viik, Aro Systems Oy