Pohjankartano Lower Secondary School is located near the city center in Oulu, Northern Finland.

The large class rooms of Pohjankartano school require even large amounts of air. The adaptable ROX nozzle duct was chosen to meet this challenge. ROX nozzle duct ensures even air distribution for the enclosed large spaces. Thanks to its stylish design ROX blends smoothly into the white ceiling, which is of special importance at such spaces where the nozzle ducts can be seen.

ROX is equipped with unique and advanced, directable CliMix® nozzles, which create a smooth and flat surface for the nozzle duct. ROX is easy to keep clean.  The HVAC designer of Pohjankartano school, Janne Jokitalo (Granlund Oy), talks on behalf of the fact that ROX nozzle duct is easy to clean. ”The structure of the nozzles is such that the product is easy to clean”, as Jokitalo puts it.

”The biggest positive surprise has been the directability and adaptability of the product. ROX adapts well to varying changes in the spaces, which will be plenty in this kind of environment.”

– The HVAC-designer Janne Jokitalo

Mr Janne Jokitalo is also very pleased with the adaptability of ROX. If rearrengements of the spaces are required at the school premises, it is easy to redirect the throw pattern of ROX by directing the nozzles in the desired direction. In addition to the active and adaptable supply air unit, the stylish package chosen for Pohjankartano school includes an accurate and easy-to-use control part ROX-S. More sound attenuation was needed at the cramped spaces of the old building, where the learning environment is an enclosed space. ROX-S was the clever solution for the challenging space: ”These adjustment and damper units (ROX-S) were an excellent solution what comes to sound attenuation, looks and the use of space”, Jokitalo summarizes.

The HVAC contractor Jukka Myllylä (Pohjanmaan Talotekniikka Oy) was also very satisfied with ROX nozzle duct. According to Mr Myllylä, it was pleasent and easy to install the nozzle ducts and the package as a whole was very functional.


Janne Jokitalo (Granlund Oy)